Do I Really Need This? The Electric Can Opener

From time to time I will have a series that will ask the question: 

 Do I Really Need This? 

I'll explore a household item that I use everyday, and muse on whether I can live without in my life, and save a little money or energy along the way.

The Electric Can Opener:  

Growing up this was an ever-present fixture on our kitchen counter.  I never thought twice about just using that little bit of electricity to do what I could have easily have done with a manual opener.  But some of the pleasures of embracing simplicity is looking at the ordinary and re-framing it to see if I couldn't just make one little change to help, in some small way.

I've decided I can definitely live without an electric can opener.  I have strong hands, without arthritis or carpal tunnel, and I'd like to keep them that way.  I don't use that much canned food anyway, so it's not a huge sacrifice.  But, if I'm saving just that one little bit of coal for not using that electric can opener, then I'll do it.  And if someone else does the same thing, that's two little bits of coal.  You know where I'm going with this - it's kind of like a snowstorm.  One or two little snowflakes doesn't mean much, but when they all gang up on you, they can make a serious impact.

Think about the next time you reach for the electric can opener, and decide for yourself if it's something you can do without in your life.

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